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              LIQUID SECTION

              Product Image (DLFM)


              Price: 200000-1500000 INR/Piece

              The filling machine fills the liquid due to gravity. The liquid gets filled in the bottle due to their own weight. The machine is capable of incorporating tank, bottle or a container to fill the liquid.

              Product Image (DBWM)

              Bottle washing machine

              Price: 200000-1500000 INR/Unit

              Bottle Washing Machine ... The Line Is Composed Of Bottle Washing, Filling, Capping And Lable Shrink Machine, Used For PET Plastic Bottle, Glass Bottle, Can Fill ...

              Product Image (DOLSYP)


              Price: 450000 INR/Unit

              Dam India Has Been Designed & Manufacturing Fully Automatic Oral Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant Consisting Of Sugar Loading System ,Sugar Melting Vessel,Basket Filter & Transfer Pump,Syrup Manufacturing Vessel,Inline Homogenizer,Zero Hold Up Filter Press,Storage Tank With Stirrer, Interconnecting Pipeline,Transfer Pump,Integrated Automatic Control Panel & Working Platform.Available Capacity Is 500 Liter To 5000 Liter Per Batch Size

              Product Image (DHM)

              mixer homo

              Price: 50000 INR/Unit

              Homogenizer Function As Mixers That Reduce Particle Size Or Force Immiscible Liquids To Mix For Preparing Emulsions With Extremely Small Fat Globules And Very Narrow Size Distributions,Microfluidization Can Be Used,Where Fluid Streams Are Forced To Colloid At High Pressure.

              Product Image (DFP)

              filter press

              Price: 80000 INR/Unit

              The Function Of Filtration Process Becomes Slow When The Liquid Reached Its Holding Capacity Into The Cake.

              Product Image (DCTP)


              Price: 30000 INR/Unit

              Transfer pumps are used to move any kind of liquid from one place to another. They are commonly used in applications such as processing, water purification, desalination and liquid handling, with some designed to be used for heat transfer, fluid flow, or transporting a heat transfer fluid or coolant.

              Product Image (DTFM)


              Price: 200000-1500000 INR/Unit

              Dam Automatic Double Head Filling And Sealing Machine Is Suitable For Aluminum And Laminated Tube. The Machine Has Designed Has Robust With Good Manufacturing Practice For Perform To Produced Quality Products With Minimum Maintainance

              Product Image (DNF)

              nutch filter

              Price: 100000.00 - 1500000.00 INR/Unit

              The Agitated Nutsche Filter Is A Nutsche Type Filter Designed To Separate Solids From Liquids. It Is Totally Enclosed And Is Normally Operated Under Pressure Or Under Vacuum..

              Product Image (DPSM )

              plough shear mixer

              Price: 200000 INR/Unit

              Superior Quality Plough Shear Mixer As Pharma Equipment. It Is On Its Own Shaft And Requires Additional Equipments. Some Sets Of Plough Shears Are Install On The Main Shaft In Disruption And Incessantly, Which Avoid The Addition Dead Zone In Arrangement. When Functioning, Material In Mixer Tank Move Following The Direction Of The Incessant Vortex Centrifugal Force Generated By The Incessantly Amalgamation Plough Shears, Thus To Attain Dispersal, Disperse And Fast Mixing Of Material. Some Materials Like Fiber Or Some Moist Agglomerate Material, High Speed Chopper Are Exceptional Material And Can Be Installed Within Mixer Tank.

              Product Image (DTT)

              TURN TABLE

              Price: 50000 INR/Unit

              Stainless Steel Scrambler & Unscrambler ,Which Is Familiar As Turn Table

              Product Image (DOMP)


              Price: 650000 INR/Unit

              The Production Of Ointment,Cream ,Lotion,Gel,Tooth Paste & Emulsions & Homogenization.Available Model 50 Liter To 5000 Liter Working Capacity.

              Product Image (dmc)

              multi column

              Price: 800000 INR/Unit

              The dam india multiple effect stills consist of a series of pressure vessels in the form of columns, called distillation columns or effects, that are interconnected, communicating vessels. Each column is divided into two parts: a double tube sheet (DTS) heat exchanger that acts as an evaporator, and an upper chamber used to separate pyrogens preventing the drops carrying impurities from reaching the end of the column. The group is supplied as a compact unit on a skid with all components readily accessible.

              Product Image (Dihm)

              inline homogenizer

              Price: 100000 INR/Unit

              In Inline agitation system, the possibility of materials Liquid or Solid passing through it, without subjected to intense hydraulic and mechanical shear actions is zero. Here suction pipe (inlet pipe) is centrally mounted & outlet is radially mounted , therefore it is physically impossible for any material to pass from inlet to outlet without exposed to agitation.